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Welcome to the home of Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers, or "Mainline Dyno" for short ! Our systems represent a distinct, and unsurpassed, step forward in dynamometer technology...

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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2012

Mainline Dyno FAQ's

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Q. How long has Mainline been in the business?A. Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd has been continuously trading, uninterrupted, since 1992. We have always been a privately owned, and operated, Australian company. In 2002 Mainline formed a technical and strategic partnership with DynoLog Dynamometer Pty Ltd., which had been trading…
Saturday, 22 Sep 2012

New Motorcycle Dyno

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We are pleased to announce the release, and first installation, of our new MCD400 Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer. Mainline was comissioned by the Sydney Institute TAFE NSW to design and build an advanced motorcycle dyno for their new upgraded Automotive facilities at Ultimo College in Sydney. Having already decided on a…
Friday, 21 Sep 2012

250 Supported Devices

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MAINLINE DYNO'S NEW PLUG & PLAY LIST ! We now support more than 250 devices, providing a very powerfull diagnostic & performance tuning platform for all Mainline Dyno users. EXHAUST EMISSION ANALYSER DEVICES Andros 6200 Gas, Andros 6500 Gas, Andros 6600/6800 Gas, Assemblad 5-Gas, Auto Diagnostics Gas, AVL 480 DiGas…
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