Eddy Current Engine Dyno

Eddy Current Engine Dyno

The ED1000 is a versatile and affordable, air cooled eddy current based engine dynamometer system with all of the control and data acquisition capabilities of our advanced water brake based systems, housed in a compact and portable test bed, and featuring a detachable engine cart, providing the added convenience of engine fitment remote from the engine test cell / room. 

The fan assisted, air cooled, high capacity, single eddy current retarder (PAU), is torque rated at 1500NM and power rated for 1000 kW @ 6000 RPM , and optionally module expandable to incorporate twin or even triple eddy current retarders for higher torque applications if required.  

Incorporating our industry leading dynamometer controller,and data acquisition system, the ED1000 will produce extremely accurate and repeatable test results, time and time again.

Engine Applications

  • 1 to 8 cylinder Si & Ci engines
  • 1000kW (1300Hp) power capacity
  • 1500Nm (1100ft-lbs) torque capacity
  • Engine Speed < 6000 RPM 

Modes of Operation

  • Precise Steady-State control stability
  • Ramp / Step / Endurance modes
  • Auto and Manual Servo Throttle control modes
  • Constant Speed, Torque, Power, Throttle and MAP / Boost control modes

Features & Benefits

  • Compact operator console with twin LCD monitors
  • Engine docking cart system
  • User friendly, Windows 7 based dynamometer software program
  • Software controlled servo throttle ( Fully Automatic Throttle Control)
  • Digital temperature control for Engine Coolant, Oil, Inlet Air and Fuel
  • Advanced analytical & dedicated tuning tools / test functions
  • Virtually unlimited data logging channels available
  • 200 User definable “MATHS” / calculation channels
  • Multiple numerical & graphical displays
  • 300+ supported external third party devices
  • Background data logging and export facilities
  • Advanced exhaust emission testing and analysis
  • Automatic weather station and environmental power correction
  • Expandable data acquisition inputs
  • Cell extraction fan control
  • ECU Data Logging (100+ ECU devices supported)
  • Numerous options & accessories available
  • Endurance module allows programmable control of dyno speed & throttle position to simulate drive cycles (Great for track simulations and engine run-ins) 

Data Inputs / Measurements

  • Power, Torque, Engine Speed / RPM
  • Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Relative Humidity
  • Air inlet Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure & Low Fuel Level Warning
  • Fuel Ethanol content
  • Manifold & Crankcase pressure
  • Lambda and Air:Fuel Ratio (Up to 10 AFR sensor inputs)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperatures (Up to 16+ input channels available)
  • Turbo Charger or Supercharger Rpm
  • Differential Fuel Flow measurement system (Fuel Flow to Engine, Fuel Flow Return to tank, Fuel Used (Mass or Volume units). Calculated Fuel Used, BSFC, Volumetric Efficiency etc. 

Eddy Current Engine Dyno

 ED1000 Eddy Current Dynamometer Control Console 


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