2WD600L Series Optional Capabilities

2WD600L Series Chassis Dynamometer 


Additional Options - Expanded Capabilities

The 2WD600L series chassis dynamometer may be upgraded to include any of the following optional devices, sensor inputs or software components:

  • Aluminium Vehicle Ramps 
    ( Above ground operation)

  • Vehicle Cooling Fan
    (Various sizes and power requirements available)

  • Additional AFR / Lambda Meters
    (Up to 8 x Lambda inputs currently available)
  • Engine RPM inputs
    (Secondary or primary ignition  / crank reference source)

  • Tacho Trim – Control via Logged Engine RPM increments
    ( Ideal for steady state engine mapping)

  • Additional MAP/ Boost Sensor Inputs
    ( Up to 6x MAP inputs currently available)

  • Engine Oil Temperature
    ( Engine Dipstick Probe)

  • Engine Air Inlet Temperature
    ( Used for tuning baseline reference – not power correction) 

  • Exhaust Gas or Other Temperature Measurements
     ( Up to16 x EGT inputs available)

  • Injector / Component Duty Cycle Module
    ( Duty %, Hz, Pulse Width, Max PW remaining)

  • 0 to 30 Volt Analogue Inputs
    ( Definable – EFI Component Voltage Tests,  Device inputs etc)

  • Common Rail Diesel Derived Fuel Pressure

  • Fuel and/or Oil Pressure Modules

  • Fuel Pressure, Twin Channel Fuel Flow, Fuel Temperature, and Fuel Ethanol Content

  • OBD – II Data Logging

  • EFILive Flashscan V2 Data Logging

  • Interfaced Multimeters

  • Interfaced Optical Tacho
    (Supercharger belt / pulley RPM slippage, tail shaft RPM / loss etc)

  • Turbocharger RPM sensor measurement

  • Interfaced Sound Pressure Meter (dB)

  • Interfaced Vibration Meter

  • Interfaced DMM
    ( Multimeter data logging)

  • Automatic Vehicle Cooling Fan Control
    ( Auto or Remote Manual Controlled)

  • Automatic Dyno Cell Fan/s Control

  • Automatic AFR Heater Control

  • MATHS channels
    (200 User definable channels currently available)

  • Dedicated Torque Optimisation
    ( Torque over ignition timing, AFR, Camshaft timing, Injector timing, or TPS %, )

  • Exhaust Gas Analyser Interface
    ( 30 + gas analyser models currently supported)

  • Diesel Opacity and/or Particulates Measurement

  • Emission Testing Module & Drive Cycle Simulation
    ( IM240, DT80,ECE83,FTP & Custom drive cycle)

  • Horsepower Challenge Module
    (Dedicated power competition / Dyno day management software program)

  • ECU Data Logging
    (Motec, Haltech, Autronic, Adaptronic, Vipec, EMS, Link ...  > 90 + ECU devices supported)

  • Multiple Pressure Differential Tests
    (Dedicated pressure drop functions, intercooler loss, exhaust backpressure tests etc)

  • Multiple channel data takers and much more!




2WD600L Series Specifications

2WD600L Series Standard Features

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