2WD600L Series - Standard Features & Inclusions


2WD600L Series Chassis Dynamometer


  • High quality, and visually aesthetic, chassis bed
    (Upgradeable to AWD/ 4WD)

  • Above ground or in ground pit installation
    ( Automatic bi-directional operation)

  • Quality high capacity Frenelsa retarder
    (Power absorption unit)

  • Up to 250 kph test speeds / 1200 Hp capacity

  • Vehicle traction control & restraint kit

  • 10 vehicle anchor points / 4 relocatable anchor eye bolts

  • Workstation control & storage cabinet

  • Automatic Weather Station
    ( Live & continuous environmental power correction)

  • Industry Leading Dyno Controller
    (Precise, accurate, safe, super responsive & repeatable)

  • Wireless Keyboard Dyno Controller

  • Computer Control System, 22” LCD Colour Monitor, and Windows 7 ™ OS standard

  • Mainline DynoLog L series Dyno Software for Windows 7™

  • Steady State and Dynamic Power Ramp / Pull Tests

  • Dynamic Graph Live to Screen
    (graph up to 3 channels simultaneously)

  • Graph over Graph Comparison Tests
    ( Power / Torque graph over road speed or engine RPM)

  • Dedicated Graph Analysis Screen

  • Digital Data Displays
    (Operator definable)

  • Channel Alarms
    (Operator definable warnings for dyno data channel)

  • Mainline Wide band AFR / Lambda Meter
    (Definable – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG, Methanol, Ethanol, E10 & E85)

  • Target Air: Fuel Ratio, & on screen graphical correction calculator

  • Twin MAP/ Boost sensors
    (Pressure Differential Testing & Analysis)

  • Target Boost & graphical correction calculator

  • Engine Tacho / RPM
    (Derived from roller speed)

  • Test Data Management System
    (Log, display, graph, save, recall, edit, reprint saved test results)

  • Customised reports - Insert business logo, or other images on print reports and much, much more!

  • Fully expandable – Hundreds of available options, and more than 250 supported external devices

  • Trusted Mainline DynoLog technology !




2WD600L Series Specifications

2WD600L Series Optional Capabilities

2WD600L Series Software Screenshots

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