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Somebody has to lead the way, and for some years Mainline/DynoLog has stood out as the world leader in engine and chassis dyno control systems and data logging, and is constantly operating at the forefront of new dyno technology.  Mainline/DynoLog’s innovative approach, its huge capacity of data channels, advanced data logging, advanced data graphing, and advanced analytical functions clearly make it the envy of other dyno manufacturers. 

Mainline Dyno Screenshot

Mainline/DynoLog provides ample capacity for the operator to log up to 16 thermocouples, 8 Lambda / AFR probes, multiple MAP sensors, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel pressure, fuel flow, differential fuel flow, fuel temperature, ethanol content, OBD-II data, ECU Data, 4 & 5 Gas Analysers, Diesel Opacity etc, and there are plenty of spare channels for the user to configure.Mainline/DynoLog is constantly introducing new innovations that will always ensure that we stay well ahead of the field.  

The Mainline/DynoLogdyno is the first dyno to introduce a massive range of diagnostic and analytical initiatives to the world of chassis dynos.

The superiority of the Mainline/DynoLog system has clearly not been lost on other dyno manufacturers, as many of them are currently trying to play catch-up.  It pays to be cautious when choosing the dyno that will suit you, because some dyno manufacturers are now claiming that they offer some of the Mainline/DynoLog innovations.  Before accepting that these manufacturers can operate on the same level as the Mainline/DynoLog, check how professionally their systems function by comparison.  For example, with OBD-II, check how successfully they collect the data (update rate, drop-outs), and what they allow the operator to do with the collected data (eg Ignition Timing for MBT, ECU/OBD/Gas RPM for Tacho Trim, Derived Torque, Gas HC and NOx data for MBT etc). You may find that while they are able to allow some OBD-II or other data to be viewed on screen, the more important aspect of logging the data and using it effectively for diagnostic purposes is not available.

Analyse Screen

The analytical capabilities of the Mainline/DynoLog system are simply incomparable.  Each input channel can have its own graph panel and the user can choose which channels to view analyse and print.  Up to 6 selected runs can be overlaid at the one time for easy side-by-side comparison.  All of the logged data can be displayed as an absolute value or a percentage difference, and data averaging is available as well.    The Mainline/DynoLog Control System has true multiple-run data averaging.  All data from 2 to 5 dyno runs can be averaged to produce a new run.  This is the only way to derive a true average from multiple runs.  Lesser dynos require the operator to perform 3 runs and simply ignore the highest and lowest runs, which is not a true average.

The features available on this system need to be seen to be believed, and a personal demonstration is the best way to come to grips with the sheer brilliance and flexibility of the Mainline/DynoLog control system.

The standard Mainline/DynoLog control system easily handles virtually every type of All-Wheel Drive vehicle regardless of how the vehicle handles itsall-wheel drive, including Porsche 996, Porsche 997, Honda CRV, VAG Haldex systems, and the Holden Cross 8.  

Expensive add-on software is not necessary. No complicated AWD setups required for different vehicle configurations. Just select FWD, RWD or AWD and the dyno takes care of the rest. There is also a AWD diagnostic mode to test and evaluate centre differential operation.

Analyse Screen 

Mainline/DynoLog’s innovative approach to the development of dyno technology ensures that our users will always have the most technologically advanced chassis dyno in the world. 

Team up with the strength of the industry’s innovators, not the imitators !

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