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Thursday, 07 February 2013 18:53

New Entry Level Dyno

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New Affordable & Expandable Dyno !

We are very pleased to announce the release of our new "affordable and expandable" 2WD600L series chassis dyno system, as the latest contender in the competitive lower price range dyno market.                                                                                

The new 2WD600L series chassis dynamometer is a quality designed, entry level system,  that includes all the essential analytical, and tuning tools required for vehicle fault diagnosis, general engine tuning, and performance enhancement applications ( up to 1200hp), without the big price tag!

Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the new 2WD600L series chassis dyno will enable you to improve your workshop’s efficiency, increase work production, attract new customers, generate additional income for your workshop, and substantially add to your bottom line! 

As with our premium range systems, the new 2WD600L series dyno can be fully upgraded with a virtually unlimited number of available hardware and software solutions, plus data logging from numerous external third party devices, via RS232, RS485, RS422, TCP/IP, USB and CAN-bus communication protocols.

The new affordable 2WD600L series has it all, and is set to be our most popular dyno model.


-       High quality, visually aesthetic chassis bed design  ( AWD Upgradeable)

-       Automatic bi-directional roller operation ( FWD & RWD)

-       Suitable for in ground or above ground operation (*Optional vehicle ramps)

-       Quality Frenelsa power absorption unit  (Eddy Current Retarder)

-       Up to 250 kph test speeds / 1200 Hp rated 

-       Vehicle traction control & restraint kit

-       10 vehicle anchor points / 4 repositionable eye bolts

-       Full size workstation storage cabinet  - ( No cumbersome laptop in the vehicle)

-       Automatic weather station included standard ( Instant power correction)

-       Industry leading dyno controller (Precise, accurate, super responsive, repeatable & safe load control)

-       Computer control system, 22” LCD monitor, colour printer

-       Lightweight and compact wireless keyboard & dyno controller

-       Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers  L series dyno software for Windows 7™

-       Rock solid steady state control mode ( Ideal for steady state tunning & vehicle fault diagnosis)

-       Precise & repeatable dynamic power ramp test mode

-       Dynamic graph live to screen (graph up to 3 channels simultaneously)

-       Graph over graph comparison tests ( Power / Torque graph over road speed or engine RPM)

-       Dedicated & detailed test data analysis

-       Multiple digital data displays

-       Channel alarms (Operator definable warnings for each and every dyno data channel)

-       Wide band AFR meter (Multiple fuel types)

-       Target Air: Fuel ratio & correction calculator graph

-       Twin Boost Sensors (Intercooler pressure drop, exhaust back pressure & other pressure tests)

-       Target Boost & correction calculator graph

-       Test Data Management System (Log, display, graph, save, recall, edit, reprint saved test results)

-       Professional report - insert logo, vehicle photos & other images on printouts and much, much more!

-       Fully expandable – Hundreds of available options, and more than 250 + supported external devices

-       Trusted Mainline Dyno technology – Accurate, Consistent, & Repeatable !


Contact Us for more detailed information about this new and exciting dyno .....

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