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Saturday, 08 June 2013 11:29

Pro Hub 4000

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Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers is pleased to announce the debut our new “Pro Hub 4000” axle / hub chassis dynamometer, at the Performance Motorshow in Melbourne, 8-10th June 2013.

After many years on the drawing board, our new axle dynamometer concept is now a reality. Designed for extreme performance vehicles, and drag racing cars. These vehicles are not suitable for testing on roller based chassis dynamometers, which rely on a tyre to roller interface.

Tuning and testing of such vehicles normally requires the engine to removed and tuned on an engine dynamometer, or tuned on a run (or several runs) down the drag strip. The Pro Hub 4000 provides an effective “in chassis” tuning solution, without the need to remove the engine, or to hire a drag strip facility.

Torque rated at 11800ftlbs (16000Nm), and a massive power capacity of 4000 Hp (2982Kw), the new Pro Hub 4000, is a serious dyno for serious powered vehicles throughout the world. 

Applications for this new Mainline Dyno include pre race testing, driveline testing, clutch evaluation, stall convertor mapping, multiple stage nitrous injection testing, and performance product research and development.

A big thanks to Tony DeFelice for the loan of his 3000 Hp "Doorslammer" which is hooked up to our new dyno for the duration of the Performance Motorshow event.

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