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Friday, 21 September 2012 00:00

250 Supported Devices

Written by Mainline Dyno Team
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We now support more than 250 devices, providing a very powerfull diagnostic & performance tuning platform for all Mainline Dyno users. 




Andros 6200 Gas, Andros 6500 Gas, Andros 6600/6800 Gas, Assemblad 5-Gas, Auto Diagnostics Gas, AVL 480 DiGas Gas, Bosch BEA 460 Gas, Bosch ETT 831 Gas, Bosch ETT 855/870 Gas, Bosch MUX Gas, Bridge 9004 4-Gas, Bridge 9005 5-Gas, BulletPro 502 Gas, CODA Products, Eco-Tech ST1/ST5 Gas, Emissions Systems 5000/8000 Gas, Hanatech IM2400, Hesbon HG-520 Gas, Launch SV5Q 5-Gas, Nova-Gas 5-Gas, Opus Gas (40, 50, 400), Protech 2000 Gas, Protech 4005 Gas, Protech Ipex D Gas, Saxon 4-Gas (INFRALYT Smart), Saxon 7-Gas (INFRALYT EL), Sensors Inc AMBII Gas,
034 Motorsport ECU, Adaptronic e1280s, Adaptronic e420c, AEM Infinity CAN-Bus, AEM Series 1 RS232, AEM Series 2 RS232, AEM Version 2 CAN-Bus, Autronic SM2 V1.35,1.55,205 to 207, Autronic SM2 V1.91,1.92,1.94,1.99, Autronic SM2 V1.93,1,94, Autronic SM4 V1.01 to 1.07, Autronic SM4 V1.08, Autronic SM4 V1.09, Autronic SMC V1.91>, Bosch MS3 ECU, Bosch MS4 ECU, Bosch MS5 ECU, DTAFast S100 Pro, DTAFast S40 Pro, DTAFast S60 Pro, DTAFast S80 Pro, EFI Technology Euro 6 (Ext), EFI Technology Euro 6 (Std), Electromotive TEC2 ECU, Electromotive TEC3 ECU, Electromotive TECGT ECU, Emerald K3-K6 ECU, EMS 8860 series, EMS Stinger series, GEMs, Haltech E11 1 Bar MAP, Haltech E11 2 Bar MAP, Haltech E11 3 Bar MAP, Haltech E11 Aim Dataset, Haltech E11/Platinum V2 CAN-Bus, Haltech E6 1 Bar MAP, Haltech E6 2 Bar MAP, Haltech E6 3 Bar MAP, Haltech Platinum, Haltech Plt Aim Dataset, J1939 Heavy Vehicle, CANGate, KMS ECU RS232 (Dash), Life Racing F42-R, Life Racing F88 Series, Life Racing F90 GDI, Link Direct G2/G4 V1.3.5>, Link via Tuning PC, MoTeC M4/M48 5-Telemetry, MoTeC M400/600/800 1-ADL, MoTeC M400/600/800 3-CRC32/MDL, MoTeC M8 1-Telemetry, Nissan Consult I (1992-2000), Pantera 422 ECU, Pantera 822 ECU, Redline/Weber, Simtek S100 Pro, Simtek S40 Ign only, Simtek S40 Pro, Simtek S60 Pro, Simtek S80 Pro, Solaris, Sybele Challenger 5, Sybele Challenger 6, Sybele Commander 44, Sybele Commander 66, Sybele Commander 6D, Syvecs S4C, Syvecs S6GP, Syvecs S6PNP, Syvecs S8C, Vipec Direct V44/V88, Vipec via Tuning PC, Wolf ECU V4, Wolf ECU V4X, Wolf ECU V500, Wolf ECU via Laptop, Xede V2, Xede V3,
OBDII T16 CAN-Bus only, OBDII T16 SAE only, OBDII T16 SAE / CAN-Bus,
Aerosol Monitor (TSI 823x Dustrak DRXII), Aerosol Monitor (TSI 8250 Dustrak), AFR (034 Motorsport), AFR (14Point7 Lambda Controller), AFR (AEM 30-4100 series 1 ch), AFR (AEM x1 30-2340 4 ch CAN), AFR (AEM x2 30-2340 8 ch CAN), AFR (AEM x3 30-2340 12 ch CAN), AFR (DT2-AFG Perf Trends), AFR (ECM AFM1500 Meter), AFR (FinBoost + MAP + RPM), AFR (FJO Gen 1 and 2), AFR (Innovate LM-1 Meter), AFR (Innovate LM-2 with OBDII), AFR (Innovate ST-12 Meter), AFR (M&W UEGO AFR/Lambda), AFR (MDAC GP4), AFR (MoTeC LTC CAN-Bus), AFR (MoTeC LTC/LTCD Collect), AFR (MoTeC LTCD CAN-Bus), AFR (MoTeC PLM CAN-Bus Collect), AFR (MoTeC PLM CAN-Bus), AFR (MoTeC PLM RS232 Collect), AFR (MoTeC PLM RS232), AFR (Tech Edge 3H1 Dual), AFR (Tech Edge WBO2 Single), AFR (Zeitronix ZT2), Anemometer (Lutron AM4206M), Arbitary Waveform Gen (Instek SFG830), Barcode LS300, Bogey/AWD Control, CAI CLD NO/NOx meter, CAI FID HC meter, CAI NDIR CO2 meter, Calibrator Load (Rinstrum R320), Calibrator Pressure (DO 9704), Calibrator T/C (Any Found), Calibrator T/C (Omega CL3515R), Calibrator T/C (Unical TC), Calibrator Temp/RH (DO 9406), Caliper (Lutron DC515), Carbon Dioxide (Sable CA10a), Control: Dyno Console (DynoLog), Control: Relays (12V x8), Control: Triacs (240V x8), Datataker DT600, Datataker DT80, Datataker DT800, Datataker DT85 Series 1, Datataker DT85 Series 2, Diff Control Mitsubishi MDC, Diff Control Mitsubishi MDC2, Diff Control Subaru SDC, Diff Control Subaru SDC2, Diff Control Subaru SDC3, DMM (Brymen BM202), DMM (Digitech QM1462), DMM (Digitech QM1538), DMM (Digitek DT-9062), DMM (Digitek INO2513), DMM (Lutron DM9960), DMM (PeakTech 3330), DMM (Protek 506), DMM (Protek 608), DMM (Tenma 72-7745), DMM (Uni-Trend UT30A), DMM (Uni-Trend UT30E), DMM (Uni-Trend UT60E), DMM (Voltcraft VC 820), DMM (Voltcraft VC 840), Dyno Console (Superflow SF901), Dyno Temperature Control, Emulator AFR: 14Point7, Emulator AFR: AEM_30-4100 RS232, Emulator AFR: AEM_30_2340 CAN x1, Emulator AFR: AEM_30_2340 CAN x2, Emulator AFR: AEM_30_2340 CAN x3, Emulator AFR: FJO, Emulator AFR: Innovate LM1, Emulator AFR: M&W, Emulator AFR: MDAC V4, Emulator AFR: MoTeC LTC CAN Collect, Emulator AFR: MoTeC LTC CAN, Emulator AFR: MoTeC LTCD CAN, Emulator AFR: MoTeC PLM CAN Collect, Emulator AFR: MoTeC PLM CAN, Emulator AFR: MoTeC PLM RS232 Collect, Emulator AFR: MoTeC PLM RS232, Emulator AFR: Perf Trends DT2-AFG, Emulator AFR: Techedge 3H1, Emulator AFR: Techedge WBO2, Emulator AFR: Zeitronics ZT2, Expander (034 EGT x6), Expander (Haltech Array), Expander (Haltech IO12 Box A), Expander (Haltech IO12 Box B), Expander (Haltech TCA2 Box A), Expander (Haltech TCA2 Box B), Expander (Haltech TCA4 Box A), Expander (Haltech TCA4 Box B), Expander (MoTeC E816), Expander (MoTeC E888), Fuel Balance Meter (AVL Flex Fuel), Gas Flow (Sierra Smart-Trak 100 Series), Injector Controller (DynoLog), Interface PCB x4 Wireless (TCTec), Interface PCB x8 USB (TCTec), Interface Relays x4 RS485 (TCTec), Interface Relays x4 USB (TCTec), Liquid Flow / Flexfuel (DynoLog), Liquid Flow 1 Channel (DynoLog), Liquid Flow 2 Channel (DynoLog), Liquid Flow System (DynoLog), Manometer (Love HM28), Mass Flowmeter (TSI 4000 Thermal), Motor Speed Controllers (VSD), Opacity Assemblad, Opacity Autodiagnostics, Opacity Bosch RTM430, Opacity BulletPro BP606, Opacity Hesbon HD-410, Opacity Iren Smokesense, Opacity Opus 50D, 100, Opacity Protech Opax 2000, Opacity Saxon 1030, Particle Counter (TSI 3010), Particle Counter (TSI 3781 Water), Particle Counter (TSI 3782 Condens), Peak3 Dual Fuel ECU, Power Module (MoTeC PDM), Power Unit (Life PDU-32 CAN-Bus), Power Unit (Life PDU-32 RS232), Power Unit (Life PDU-8 CAN_Bus), Power Unit (Life PDU-8 RS232), Sound Level (Lutron SL4012), Tacho Opt/Cont (Lutron DT2230), Tacho Opt/Cont (Omega HHT-1501), Temperature Infared (Lutron TM2000), Thermocouple x4 (Center 309), Torque Shaft (AEM), Vibration (Lutron VB8200).
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