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Saturday, 22 September 2012 22:27

New Motorcycle Dyno

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We are pleased to announce the release, and first installation, of our new MCD400 Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer.

Mainline was comissioned by the Sydney Institute TAFE NSW to design and build an advanced motorcycle dyno for their new upgraded Automotive facilities at Ultimo College in Sydney. Having already decided on a new Mainline "All Wheel Drive" light vehicle chassis dynamometer for their new facilities, SIT wanted the same advanced dyno technology to be available in a motorcycle dyno, which resulted in the new Mainline DynoLog MCD400 motorcycle chassis dyno system.

With the buiding upgrade at Ultimo nearing completion, we recently installed and commisisoned the new unit inside a brand new dedicated state of the art dyno cell. The new dyno cell has all the features you would want for advanced technical training applications, including a viewing theatre which forms one complete wall of the cell, complete with the very latest in audio and visual technology, enabling teachers to conduct group training lessons to students located in the safety of the viewing theatre.

The new MCD400 encompasses all the advanced features and functions, one now expects of a Mainline Dyno system, along with the proven reliability  of our Australian designed and manufactured control and data aquistion systems, found on all our model dynamometers.

For further information on the MCD400 motorcycle dyno, visit our products section of our new web site, or click here to link direct to the page.

The Mainline Dyno Team !  


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