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Friday, 21 December 2018 11:43


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Mainline Dyno and Summernats have combined to make Horsepower Heroes bigger and louder than ever!

Long before the Summernats record of 2083hp at the tyres was set by the turbocharged Torana of Jake Edwards, big power cars had become increasingly difficult to keep strapped to the rollers. Plenty of ingenuity and technique was applied to tame the massive output of the heavy hitters, but even then it was hit and miss. A better solution was required if the numbers were to grow.

That's where Mainline and Australia's best dyno technology comes in. The Summernats Horsepower Heroes competition has successfully used Mainline equipment in the MPW Dyno Cell for years but with the advent of Mainline's ProHub dyno technology comes the ability to graph significantly higher horsepower while completely eliminating the wheel and tyre from the equation.


In addition to the Mainline chassis dyno, the Summernats 32 Horsepower Heroes competition will now feature a state-of-the-art Mainline ProHub 3000 hub dyno. As well as eliminating the wheel spin variable from those vehicles battling it out in the finals on Sunday, the Mainline ProHub will be put to good use throughout the event by a number of exhibition vehicles, all of which are expected to surpass the current outright record for the highest horsepower recorded at Summernats.

Further details about the Horsepower Heroes competition will be released soon, but for now, grab your Summernats tickets, pack your ear protection, and get ready to witness records being smashed at the Street Machine Summernats!



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