Heavy Vehicle (Roller Chassis)

Our professional heavy vehicle chassis dynamometers set the benchmark for product quality, design innovation, sophisticated data acquisition, and advanced analytical capabilities.

We offer several heavy vehicle (truck or bus) dyno variants to suit either single drive axle or twin drive axle (bogey drive) driveline applications. 






Key Features:
  • Truck, Bus and other heavy vehicle applications.
  • Single axle or twin axle "Bogey Drive” model configurations
  • < 20000 Kg Axle weight, 15200Nm / 4000kW Rating 
  • High torque capacity at low road and vehicle engine speeds
  • Exhaust Combustion Analysis via Gas Analyser,Opacity Interface or Particle Counters
  • Diesel OBD-II Data Logging ( J1708 / J1587 / J1939)
  • All functions controlled via wireless remote keyboard
  • High Flow Vehicle Cooling Fans (Single or Multiple Stacked Units)
  • Advanced Diagnostic &  Analytical Software
  • Software controlled wheelbase adjustment (Bogey / AWD Combination Models)
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • High Resolution 24” Graphical Displays
  • Twin 24 LCD monitors
  • Mobile TV video trolley as driver visual aid
  • Multiple remote screen support
  • High traction roller knurl & Heavy Vehicle wide track rollers
  • Single or multiple retarders (Power Absorption Units)
  • Vehicle Traction & Restraint System
  • Steady State, Step Test, and transient “Ramp” testing capabilities
  • Analog, Digital and Graphical displays
  • Live Graph over Graph result comparison
  • Data Acquisition Module  - Oil / Inlet Air Temps,  2 x MAP / Boost, AFR
  • Engine Speed RPM Module
  • Derived Engine RPM from Wheel Speed
  • Optical Tacho
  • Emission Drive Cycle Simulation (DT80 / IM240 / FTP / ECE83 or User Defined)
  • Component Duty Cycle Measurement
  • Dedicated Speedometer & Odometer tests
  • Automatic Weather Station Environmental Power Correction
  • Virtually unlimited data channels for external data logging devices
  • User definable 0-30 Volt Inputs
  • User definable channel alarms with optional visual & audible alarm devices
  • Fuel Pressure / Flow Rate & Temperature Module
  • Fuel Consumption / Usage tests
  • 8 Lambda & 16 EGT Channels available
  • 16 EGT Thermocouple channels available
  • C Tick Compliant (N12054)
  • Custom build available to suit specific client applications
  • Supports more than 375 + third party external devices.

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