Sam Fenech - Westend Performance

Sam Fenech


SAM Fenech is the driver and engine builder for the JSS Racing Megatilt Doorslammer being dyno-tested here. He also happens to be the proprietor of one of Sydney’s leading engine shops, Westend Performance, which has its own engine dyno. We asked Sam about how valuable the Mainline Prohub dyno was from a testing and tuning perspective, and how it compared to the engine dyno he used at his shop.

“This is a car that we would normally only be able to track-tune. We’ve been running this combo for a long time so we’re very much on top of it, but if you were looking to try something new like a camshaft, fuel pump or blower, the cost involved in getting your entire race operation to the track to test is significant. You’ve got to get the car, the transporter, your spares and all the people involved to the track, and once you’re there we budget for $2000 a pass, so it’s a massive cost.

“We saw around 2100hp at less than 7000rpm on the hub dyno. The motor probably makes around 3500hp [at

peak revs], and I can’t engine dyno a Pro Mod engine like that. There’s no chance you’d ever get a car like this to hold on a roller dyno; you’ll even struggle with a Holden V8 with a nitrous kit, so I can definitely see the value in a big hub dyno like this, although I don’t know that I’m quite ready to buy one myself.

“I think it would be difficult to convert some of the older guys in the sport to a hub dyno, but you could definitely use it to develop a new combination very quickly. The Dynolog software is great, and it all plugs into the Racepak and logs EGTS, pressures and everything else. It’s pretty cool; I was impressed.

“An engine dyno won’t tell you if there’s a problem with your fuel system, ignition system or driveline, and ultimately the real-world number is the number it makes after it’s travelled through the ’box, clutch and diff. That’s the number that counts at the track.”